Be part of Furizon

It would be impossible to organize any event without a group of volunteers who are dedicated and provide their skills to make each project successful. The group that has been created over time has enabled us to organize increasingly larger and more complex events, and we are always looking for new volunteers to join the team.
Investing your time during the event and during all the preparation leading up to it may not always be an easy choice, but it does not mean you cannot have fun and enjoy the event. Check out our main areas of interest related to volunteers and Teams who are already there. We still remain available for any questions.

The Fursuit Team is in charge of all the activities of Furizon regarding fursuits. We have many tasks and they are finalized to integrate Fursuiting in the convention. One of the main ones is preparing the Fursuit Lounge. It is a space reserved for fursuiters, where they can leave their suits. change and prepare for their performances. There’s also the Fursuit Games, a panel where participants take part in a bunch of games e they challenge each other in front of the audience. We have to design them and make sure the the suiters have fun. Finally there is the Fursuit Parade, which takes place in the city of Cavalese. Fursuiters will have the chance to public suit and interact with the local citizens.

Furizon is a growing convention and as it grows, so the needs of our attendees grows. The Security of Furizon provides our guests with a safe and distinguishable contact point for any need related to safety, general or your own.
Volunteering in the Security Team means helping attendees with their needs such as the Lost & Found service, handling the queues and accesses to reserved areas and more generically, any safety related need. We are here to help!

Your job, as security member, will be to make the convention safe and enjoyable for all our attendees: all members of the Security Team are Furries themselves so we can provide a Furry-tailored service to every guest.

The team is opened to international members with sufficient fluency in either English or Italian but any other additional language is a plus.
You’ll be facing people looking for help, therefore a polite and friendly attitude is a must at all times.


The A/V Team of Furizon is a vibrant and dynamic group composed by passionate people interested in technology, film making, photography and shows!

Our job inside Furizon is to make every technical aspect of the convention work, being the setup of the disco, panels, photoshoots and every digital service that the convention has to offer, from videos to livestreaming.

The group is composed by experts with different competences in each of their sectors and we encourage them to expand their knowledge inside the team by getting help by each other (wanna learn photography or programming? Ask the photographers or the programmers!)


Furizon’s Dealer’s Den allows you to meet and enjoy high valued artists, all able to make your dreams come true!
But they need your help during their experience, so how about helping them?
Usually, artists are pretty silent creatures: when he might need anything that could improve their performance, you can make the difference! In the meantime, you will be able to chitchat with some of them while they’re drawing and check out their portfolio!
In case you’re way too shy to speak with all participants in the Dealer’s Den, but you’d rather support them in some other way, you can always sell Furizon’s merchandise, from pins to t-shirts, and some of this material is customizable by one artist choosable among them!
This way you will valorise them and spread out their talent and contents the best!
Your active participation as a volunteer will be appreciated and remember that it will be rewarded properly (Daydream always offer at the end of the day.) 😉

Why the Staff Bar? Because there cannot be a space dedicated to disco that does not also contain a space dedicated to drinking. Because happy hour is a great opportunity to chat and make new acquaintances. Because sometimes we need an extra push to give us an “animal charge.” Being part of the Staff Bar does not mean dispensing alcohol and convincing people to get drunk, on the contrary, it means offering participants a moment of relaxation, tasting, chatting and above all welcoming. Bartending is a wonderful job that puts us in direct contact with others, learning about them and their tastes and needs, a job that, even as simple volunteers, allows us to showcase and test our creativity, sensitivity, friendliness, hospitality and, well, even a certain amount of charm.

The Media Team is a group of volunteers who strive for originality and new challenges. We’re in charge of the communication channels such as socials and other apps. Our main task is transmitting every info regarding Furizon and sharing past moments from our eventson social medias. We collect new ideas in order to grow Furizon’s relationship with new comers.
It is important for us to constantly update our followers on every news by sharing the material our staff and attendees provide us with.
We also like to involve who still didn’t have the chance to take part in Furizon’s events, by sharing with them our emotions and experiences we had in previous occasions.

Lore team/Furizon Experience wants to ensure a content-rich and entertaining experience for Furizon attendees!
Our tiny creative teamnot only wish to create and define the lore and theme that frame each event, but also to devise fun activities for anyone who wants join it. Our goal is to give an extra touch of fantasy, and turn our guests’ experience into something that goes far beyond the simple hotel convention. Thus, during Furizon, one could turn into pirates, ancient gods,rebel bands’ leaders, and much more.
And all this comes to life thanks to the visionary creativity of a team of willing people, cultured in scriptwriting, entertainment and gaming, always glad to welcome anyone who wishes to offer a paw to achieve our goal: your entertainment.

In this section, several teams are managed under one common coordination.

Logistic and Tech

Would you prefer a role more in touch with management or technical/logistical support, across all Furizon teams?
Don’t worry! We have a place for you too!
Furizon has a team in charge of technical and logistical coordination, across all the teams listed above. It also performs all the support functions (technical, logistical and IT) for the teams and the convention in general.

Charity Team

Each year, Furizon partners with a charitable organisation to launch a fundraising campaign in support of particular social initiatives and the protection of natural heritage, be it animal or environmental. The Charity team looks for an organisation compatible with the values espoused by Furizon and manages the fundraising campaign during the event in every respect: games, raffles, dedicated panels. You entertain relations with the charity and coordinate with other groups to promote the initiative on all channels, reaching as many people as possible.
Are you an organised, patient, creative and detail-oriented person? Can you relate professionally outside the fandom? Are you looking for a cross-functional experience that will allow you to collaborate with all Furizon teams? Then this is the right team for you!