A.P.S. Furizon

Furizon began as an amateur event planner group in 2015 through the collaboration between Silverwolf, a furmeet organizer since 2011, and Rigel, a new furry who just started approaching the Furry Fandom.

Their friendship was the fundamental pillar that motivated them to create events in self-managed locations in Trentino. Their passion drove them to found the first non-profit association in Italy dedicated to the promulgation of furry culture, with the essential support of a new member of the group: Kyrill.
Sadly Rigel had to withdraw his position for personal reasons.

Now, Silverwolf is the president of the association and Kyrill is the vice president and treasurer. It is a winning combination of knowledge and experience that propels the Furizon Association to look forward and continue to grow. Finally in 2022, after 6 years of continuous fur-meets, Furizon staff finalized the organization of its first real Furry Convention with 135 registered participants from Italy and 5 other European nations.


Main Staff


President of APS Furizon and Chairman


Vice President of APS Furizon and Vice Chairman
Association’s Secretariat and General Services Team Leader

Team Leaders


Audio/Video Team Leader


Fursuit Team Leader
Social Media Team Leader


Bar Team Leader
Charity Team Leader


Dealers’Den Team Leader


Furizon Experience Team Leader


Security Team Leader