Furizon Riots

Oceans and bodies of fresh water are now a distant memory, no one can even imagine them anymore, except through some of the stories that fewer inhabitants of this new world tell young people.Deserts have expanded so much that they cover most of the planet. Ancient metropolises are nothing more than rubbles of concrete and tangles of twisted steel. Anarchy reigns as the only law, if it can still be called like that.The few remaining settlements are ruled by despotic overlords who attempt to hoard all the few available resources by subjugating those who can do nothing but depend on those few resources that are bestowed only as a reminder of who is in charge.

Water is one of the most precious commodities, almost as much as gasoline and bullets.Bands of marauders raid and beat the desert by moving about in their motorized vehicles modified to be powerful, fast and full of blades and explosives. It is not only a battle to the death for survival, but also a race of speed. the faster you are, the easier it is to stay alive for a few extra days even though the mental health of everyone is suffering. It's the world of tomorrow.Are you ready to start the engine and run without ever stopping?Who do you think you are? A slave of the Desert Lords or a Rioter?


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