Somewhere in the North-West Europe, 19th century.
It’s the beginning of a new era, but the desire to conquer unexplored and luxuriant lands has never stopped since past centuries. Now, skies are filled with mighty airships of merchants, explorers and pirates. There are those who never set foot on ground and build their entire life sky-sailing, juggling storms and sky-raider ambushes, always ready to make their way on cannon shots.
There are rumors all around, rumors about a new mysterious island are spreading, in a messy word of mouth that starts from slums’ shadiest inns up to the ears of London nobles. An island in the Pacific Ocean, whose latitude and longitude appear very uncertain, since they seem to differ from story to story.
Is it a wandering island? Or voluntarily hidden from the human eye by someone or something? There are endless question and many people even doubt of the truthfulness of its existence.
One day, an announcement from the Royal family appears on the most airship crew frequented inns’ bulletin boards. Driven by an impetuous spirit of conquest, they promise a generous reward to whoever can be the first to identify the precise coordinates of such a mysterious island … The whole country is in raptures.
Whether it’s an appetite for adventure, fame or money, the direct involvement of royalty has awakened a great competitiveness in travelers. No one is willing to arrive last!
But discovering the island’s location will be a road full of obstacles, and it will only be cunning, ambition and the experience of these skies masters that will ensure a success in the enterprise.
An enterprise where you too, as a member of one of these rowdy crews, are called to join. There’s a lot of competition, and not everyone intends to resort to fair methods to reach the goal. If you’ll play it right, you’ll find precious allies and useful tools to make out such adveture as your’s life most exciting journey!
Put down that jug of rum and open your atlas; weigh the anchor and set sail: the race begins, Furizon Beyond is waiting for you!

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Art by: Ashary