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Furizon is looking for active and collaborative people who are willing to assist in the coordination of the event. Compared to previous years where volunteers were selected throughout the event, we are opening applications much earlier. It allows us to organise the workload and assign them based on competences. Plus, we’ll know exactly how many people we can count on. Availablity is handled on a turn basis so that everyone can enjoy the event.

There are many different ways to help us out so make sure you check all of them and pick your favourite! If a certain task is overfilled, we reserve the right to reassign you a different one.

Every volunteer is assigned one and one task only, please refrain from interfering with other jobs unless asked.

Additional informations

The security team is in need of new volunteers to help out in the effort! We’re looking for motivated, objective-oriented and honest people to lend a hand. The team requires each and every volunteer to have the following requisites:

  • Fluent English speaking capabilities
  • Not being involved in any kind of furry-related drama
  • Be willing to take a small home-made course and pass a test
  • Be willing to help out for at least 18 hours during the event, divided in three 6-hours shifts.

Our objective is to ensure that the event runs smoothly in an environment of mutual respect and safety. You will be required to roam and be available to all participants and staffers for every possible need, moreover you will enforce the rules of the events whenever necessary.
We look forward to working with you!

We’re looking for skilled peolpe for the following positions: 

  • Photography
    • Photos for the events organized by Furizon considerable as ‘official’
  • Videos
    • As for photos, looking for footage production for Furizon events (editing and videomaking skills are not required, only video footage)
  • DJ-set
    • Experienced persons in this job, even for small rigs
  • Audio-Video Services
    • As for DJs, looking for experienced persons in this field with technical knowledge of the equipment used

For everyone who wants to candidate is required a short description of their experiences in those positions (where possible, photos and videos are welcome).

No more volunteers accepted for Furizon Experience.

Can you analyse and discuss about the mechanics of a game? Can you improvise and play a role? Do you like creating a unique and fun experience for others?
If you answered “yes” to at least two questions, the Furizon Experiences section may be in need of you!

Furizon is looking boys and girls who are willing to follow the drinks administration during the event evenings. The main tasks will concern the preparation of hot drinks and cocktails. Nothing difficult, we have the recipes!

Basic knowledge of the English language is required.
Any previous experience in the role will be preferential.