For Furizon Riots, three tickets will be available for the event, sold in different timelines.

    • Early Bird ticket – from 210,00€
      Purchasable from January 2022 to 28 February 2022
    • Regular ticket – from 225,00€
      Purchasable from 01 March 2022 to 26 May 2022

Tickets will not include the obligatory Furizon’s annual membership card (2021/2022).

The basic rates can be supplemented with:

  • Special Ticket “Sponsor“, with a surcharge of 40,00€
  • Special Ticket “Supersponsor“, with a surcharge of 95,00€

To all tickets, you can purchase additional extras:

  • Early Arrival, which gives the access to check-in from 27 may 2022, with a surcharge of 42,00€
  • Late Departure, which gives the access to check-out the 2 june 2022, with a surcharge of 42,00€

The convention’s services won’t be active during Early Arrival and Late Departure.

* National holiday in Italy


All the tickets (base rate) are composed of:

  • Lodging quota, breakfast, dinner and four nights accomodation;
  • Event fee that ensures access to Furizon activities during the event;
  • Taxes.


Membership is required to attend the event. It costs only 10EUR and includes insurance during the activities carried out by Furizon and the possibility to participate in other events within the deadline (end of September 2022).

If you have already participated in Furizon events from October 2021 (such as Furizon River Side 2021) your membership is already eligible for Furizon Riots!


Standard Ticket
Sponsor Ticket
Supersponsor Ticket
Access to Furizon riots event and public areas
Badge and lanyard
Event Gadget
Furizon Riots T-Shirt
+20,00€ on site
Half board (breakfast and dinner) for 4 nights
Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for 4 nights
Badge and lanyard Sponsor
Priority access to Dealer's Den
Special mention in the event conbook
Free 5.00EUR Barcard
Badge and lanyard Supersponsor
Special Supersponsor gadget
Cut-the-line pass
Access to exclusive events or locations
One access each day at the SPA of the hotel
Exclusive Photoshooting at the waterfalls of Cavalese


  • Early Arrival and Late Departure aren’t covered by full board treatment.
  • Access to the SPA is subject to availability by the hotel. Furizon is not responsible for any forced closures for any reason and no compensation will be paid.
  • In case of bad weather the photoshooting at the Cavalese waterfalls can be moved or replaced with an equivalent activity.
  • Access to certain areas of the hotel may be limited without prior notice, at the sole discretion of the Furizon or hotel staff.


As a nonprofit, Furizon has always had the goal of offering a fair price for access to its services. The use of external platforms to process electronic payments (by debit/credit card) entails costs per transaction that have a significant impact on a non-profit’s budget.

For Furizon Riots, the fees for processing electronic payments will be charged to individual participants, and will be 2.55%. Participants who do not want to pay the surcharge are invited to pay their registration by bank transfer.

More details on payment by bank transfer will be available during registration.