As for the last time, we have the chance to add panels in the afternoon program to allow you to organize them for the other Furizon participants.

Panels can talk about any subject, with some small limitations:

    • panels regarding the Furry Fandom will have priority;
    •  you cannot have weapons, drugs or pornography of any kind as their main focus.

The deadline to propose a panel will be 15 April 2022 23:59.

If you want to submit your panel, fill out the form on the right and wait for a reply from us. In any case, you will receive an email that your application has been sent successfully.

Applications received after the indicated deadline may still be taken into consideration, depending on the spaces still available.

Partecipation in all the panels are free and up to seat availability, so there is no need to book!

Supersponsors and Sponsors have priority for entering the hall and to sit in the front row.


Form closed.