A.P.S. Furizon


Furizon is organized as an association and guarantees transparent management of decisions and cash flows. It’s regularly recognized by the Italian state and it’s no-profit.
All associates can take part in the management of the association and propose projects and collaborations that can be evaluated by the association’s management. They’re covered by insurance for all activities promoted by Furizon.

According to the regulations for the management of no-profit associations, it’s necessary that the participants are registered in a specific register of members that can be seen only by request of access by a state judge or by the financial guards through a specific mandate.

There’s a little cost of 10.00 EUR for the annual membership at the association and it’s mandatory for those who want to partecipate at Furizon’s events. The membership is valid one year (October 1st 2021 to September 30th 2022) and allows access to all events organized by Furizon during the year of validity of the card.
Those who have already participated in Furizon events from October 2021 onward (such as Furizon River Side 2021) already have a valid membership!

During multi-day events, the card will also allow access to discounts at hotel’s partners such as restaurants or bars.