During Furizon Events, there will be different services available for fursuiters. You can specify if you own a fursuit in the registration phase.

Fusuiters will have the possibility to use the Fursuit Lounge, where you can deposit your Fursuit. The Lounge will be overseen by the security of the event however Furizon declines any responsibility regarding in case of theft . The access will be reserved to Fursuiters and their spotters (only one at time). Inside the Lounge you will find:
  • snacks;
  • cold water;
  • supplements;
  • brushes for fursuit;
  • some ventilation systems;
  • fans.
During the event, some members of the Staff will be available in order to assist Fursuiters.

Fans, water and staff members equipped with camel back will be provided during certain activities that will take place in the hotel, like games and disco nights. We’ll guarantee to every fursuiter the best conditions for their necessities.


Furizon Riots Fursuiter’s Group is the official Telegram group, exclusively for Furizon’s fursuiters!

The group will be available soon! Come back later!