Furizon’s staff constantly monitors the evolution of the pandemic situation in the Italian territory and keeps itself updated on the relevant government provisions.
At the moment, there are no measures preventing the holding of conventions on the Italian territory for the scheduled dates of Furizon Riots.

In case of cancellation due to force majeure, participants will be refunded the full fee, net of any taxes and collection fees. The annual membership card of Furizon will not be refunded.

All participants are required to read the provisions contained on this page.

Last Update May, 18 2022


Summary of provisions
  • Enhanced green pass mandatory for access to the convention
  • FFP2 face mask mandatory during the convention

As of the indicated update date, there is no longer requirement for either green pass (basic or enhanced) or FFP2 mask.
The face mask will be considered optional and can be worn by participants at their own discretion.

However, the Staff invites participants to avoid creating unnecessary gatherings and to respect interpersonal distance from other participants.
Furizon Staff will provide hand sanitizer gel in the common areas. For access to some areas, you may be asked by Staff to disinfect your hands beforehand.


The staff of Furizon remains available for any clarification, through the contact form.
Participants are required to keep themselves updated on Furizon’s institutional platforms, on the event’s Telegram channel and on the covid provisions issued by the Italian government.