Just like last year it will be possible to take advantage of the bar service.

Beverage administration will be regulated through the use of the Bar Cards, of the symbolic value of € 10,00 (1€/spot).
Prices of Cocktails and Beverages can be consulted at the Bar during the event.
You can find the Bar Cards available for sale:

  • at the Furizon reception/info point;
  • at the Furizon bar, during opening hours.

Furizon’s bar card don’t have expire date: keep your card and use the remaining spots at the next Furizon’s event!


You can pay the price in cash or with debit/credit cards on the major circuits.
Other payments method aren’t allowed.


  1. The Bar Cards is valid exclusively for the Furizon’s bar.
    You can’t use the card to bought goods directly from the hotel (es. beverages during the meals).
  2. Bar Cards aren’t refundable.