Fursuiters Area

During the event, a Fursuit Lounge will be set up for those who need it, equipped with all useful material for you and your suit!

Specifically, the Lounge’s equipment includes:

  • Fans, for immediate relief from heat
  • Cold drinks and mineral supplements
  • Sweet snacks
  • Fursuit drying system
  • Freezer, to keep your accessories cool

Access to the Fursuit Lounge is patrolled by Furizon Security: only fursuiters and their spotters have access to the Lounge.
Fursuiters must have a valid Fursuit Badge to gain access.


Fursuit Games

To participate in the Fursuit Games, you must register together with your teammate. Winners will receive a special prize!

Registration for the Fursuit Games is closed at the moment

Special events

Special activities will be organised for fursuiters, such as fundraising for the charity or the opportunity to participate as protagonists in interactive fursuit-themed panels! Stay tuned for news!

No events availables at the moment. Stay tuned for news!


We are looking for volunteers to increase the staff in the Fursuit team. If you are interested, apply! You do not need to be a Fursuiter or have special skills.
Thank you <3