Tickets for Furizon River Side 2023

SOLD OUT! Waiting list is still open: sign up to be contacted in case a ticket is available!

Event Overview

Furizon River Side will take place from 13 October 2023 to 15 October 2023 at the “Park Hotel Sacro Cuore” in Cavalese, TN.

Visit the FAQ page to find information about what is included in the fee you will pay.

Price composition and deadlines

Tickets will have a one-off price of EUR 105.00 to which the annual association membership fee (obligatory) of EUR 10.00 must be added.
The total ticket price is EUR 115.00.

Tickets will be sold until 9 October 2023.

The ticket price includes:

  • Two nights at the hotel (13-14 October) with blankets and bed sheets supplied by the hotel
  • Two breakfasts (14-15 October)
  • Two dinners (13-14 October)
  • Free use of the common areas of the hotel
  • Free use of the spacious outdoor areas of the hotel
  • Use of the fursuit lounge and its facilities
  • Access to the disco nights and some Furizon’s activities at the event’s main stage

The following items are explicitly excluded from the fee:

  • Bath linen (towels, bathrobe)
  • Hotel toiletries (shampoo, bath gel, soap)
  • Lunches
  • Bar drinks
  • Access to hotel services (for example the SPA)
  • Beverages during dinner, except for jugs of water.


All personal activities organised in the common areas (indoors or outdoors) of the house must comply with the event regulations in their entirety.

The regulations also specify the cancellation policies and the minimum threshold of participants to ensure the success of the event.
Please consult the FAQ page for any doubts before contacting the staff and keep informed about the event through the official social channels and the dedicated Telegram channel.



The available rooms are only triples or quadruples. To be confirmed, the rooms must be fully occupied by individuals who have paid the Furizon ticket regularly. Unconfirmed rooms are not guaranteed in terms of the number of beds or roommates.

Daily tickets

Information on daily tickets will be published later. Stay tuned!


Check the FAQ page, the answer you are looking for might be right there!
In case you are unable to resolve your doubt, the Furizon staff remains at your service for any clarification.