Panels and activities

You have the power to shape our convention and enhance the experience for all attendees by sharing your innovative ideas for future events. What’s truly exciting is your ability to bring your own event concepts to fruition, potentially adding them to our official program! It’s fascinating to note that a significant number of our smaller-scale events are actually the brainchild of attendees like yourself.

If you’ve ever felt a particular event is missing from the convention and you have the perfect idea for it, don’t hesitate to fill out the event form provided below. Let’s remember, the success and vibrancy of this convention is a collaborative effort, made possible with your creativity and participation as our valued attendees!

Apply form

Fill out the form below to submit your proposal to the coordinating team. In the event that too many requests are received for the actually available slots, a selection will be made by the Furizon Staff taking into account factors such as relevance to the event, the general furry theme, and any previous panels by the speaker at other Furizon events.

All files must use an external file sharing service to avoid system upload blocks or email inbox saturation. Some examples of services include Google Drive or TransferNow.

    In what language will your panel be displayed?

    Do you need equipment from Furizon?