Furizon Overlord – Registration


Registration will open on Saturday 13 January 2024 at 12:00 CET


  • Last day for uploading badge photos: 30 April 2024
  • Last day to upgrade sponsor/supersponsor with dedicated gadget: 30 April 2024
  • Last day to upgrade Early Arrival or Late Departure: 20 May 2024
  • Last day for room selection: 20 May 2024

Details on payment methods

It will be possible to pay for your registration either by debit/credit card or by SEPA direct debit.
Payments will be managed by the Stripe provider. You will be redirected to the payment form managed by Stripe, where you can enter your card or bank account information.

Unpaid reservations will not reserve or confirm any ticket.
A service tax of 1.8% will be charged at the time of payment for the management of electronic payment service.

Tickets are considered confirmed only when the fee is credited to the Furizon’s bank account.
Confirmation of payment by credit/debit card is immediate; confirmation of payment by SEPA debit depends on certain technical times beyond Furizon’s control.


Only confirmed registrations (i.e., registrations that are 100% paid and after verification that Furizon has received the fee credit) can access the room management platform.
During the ticket purchase phase, it will be possible to choose the type of room (single, double, triple, etc.) and the hotel (main or overflow) to include in your registration. This will be a permanent choice, to be made based on the number of available places for each type of room, which will determine where your room will be and what type of room you will have during the event.
Roommates must purchase the same type of room, both in terms of location (main or overflow) and the number of beds in the room.

Priority of room assignment over other participants is not guaranteed by Furizon. All participants must have paid their dues in full to enter the room system, with no exceptions.


By registering for the convention you also explicitly agree to the terms and conditions of service offered by the Furizon Association for the “Furizon Beyond” event. To download a copy of the TOS click on the flags below.


Edit booking

We remind you that you can make changes to your registration later by sending an e-mail throught the contact form before the deadline.


NO! Only fully paid registrations are confirmed.
Credit card payments are confirmed immediately, bank transfer payments dispense with technical times not related to Furizon and may require longer approval.

You can pay for your Furizon ticket using a credit or debit card, SEPA direct debit, or SOFORT, if supported by your bank.
All payments are processed by an external service called Stripe, which applies a commission of 1.8% on all transactions. Therefore, the bank commission will be automatically added for all payment methods.

A bed in a room means that you will be purchasing the right to occupy a bed or space in a specific room type at the convention. This includes a bed in a single, double, triple, etc., room in the chosen hotel. Your purchase ensures that you have a designated spot to stay during the event, in accordance with the room type and location (main or overflow hotel) you select.

Be very careful when choosing your room and/or hotel during the purchase phase, as it is a permanent choice and places might go out quickly!
Remember that Furizon’s services (like the fursuit lounge, for example) will be active exclusively in the main hotel.

Available room types:

Only participants with the same type of room can share the same room. For example, if you have purchased a bed in a triple room in the main hotel, you can only have roommates who have also purchased a triple room in the main hotel. As a final check, being a triple room, there can only be three people in the same room.

Similarly, if you have purchased a bed in a double room in the overflow hotel, you cannot have roommates who have purchased a bed in a double room in the main hotel.

Did you check in SPAM folder? 😉
If nothing has arrived, you can request a resend of the link to the private area directly from the registration page.

If you received the e-mail in SPAM, we kindly ask you to mark it as “Not spam” on your e-mail provider.
This will help us prevent further lost e-mails! Thank you so much!

No, the venue selected on the registration phase is a permanent choise.

Yes, it is possible to change your registration data and subsequently add additional services, such as early/late departure or sponsor/supersponsor.
For any changes you must contact the staff at this contact form, taking care to specify your personal details and the reference code of your registration.

In the case of adding services (which corresponds to an increase in the cost of the ticket) the registration will be considered unpaid until the difference has been paid in full.

No problem, the fee will be added by the Furizon staff.
If you have already paid, your registration will automatically revert to ‘unpaid‘ status until you pay the balance.

Please note that the membership card is mandatory for all persons who have not participated in any Furizon event as of October 2022. Those who have participated in Furizon River Side 2023 do not have to pay for a membership card again!

If you have already participated in a Furizon event since October 2023, such as Furizon River Side 2023, you have already purchased the card and will not need to purchase it again with this membership.

If it was not issued during Furizon River Side, please specify this in the notes of your Overlord registration.
We will deliver the digital version to you.

If you have lost your membership card, please request a digital duplicate by specifying it in your registration notes.
We remind all participants that possession of the card is mandatory to participate in the event.

NO! Only participants who have their registration in the status of ‘paid‘ have the possibility to actually block a room.
In the meantime, it is still possible to compose the virtual room according to one’s preferences via the reserved area.

NO! Once the room owner has locked the room, it is final and no longer subject to change.
If you wish to unlock the room, you will have to send an email to the Furizon staff via the contact form.

NOTICE: locking a room is considered a definitive action and may prevent other people from accessing the same room type. If you are unsure of the composition of your room, do not block it.
Improper use of this feature may prevent further changes to your room.

If you choose to pay by bank transfer, your booking remains “suspended” for 14 calendar days, pending payment. During this time, the seat at Furizon is “reserved“, subtracting it from the quota of available tickets.

At the end of the 14 days, if payment has not yet been received by Furizon, the reservation is automatically placed in a ‘partially cancelled‘ status and the ticket is released, becoming available again to other potential partecipants. During the following days, you will still have the option of making payment (by bank transfer or credit card), subject to remaining availability of places.

Unpaid registrations do not guarantee any access to Furizon.