Dealers’ Den

The Dealers’ Den is the place to go if you are looking to browse and buy furry merchandise, goods and commissions.  Our artists and dealers are looking forward to welcome you and present all their unique and diverse products.

How to apply

If you wish to apply for a spot in the Dealers’ Den, please fill in the application form which will be available below. Spots in the Dealers’ Den are given out on a juried application basis.
Please read the dedicated rules/ToS, which contain all the useful information you may need (admission, restrictions, permitted items, etc.).

Please notice that…

  • One Dealer’s Den tables are free;
  • Tables are 155 x 50 cm;
  • Each Dealer is awarded one free table;
  • Each Dealer can request a second table by paying the corresponding fee of EUR 20.00, according to availability (payment will be requested via private area);
  • Requests will be handled and confirmed according to availability.


It will be possible to apply for the Dealer’s Den until 29 February 2024. Applications will be assessed in accordance with the regulations of the Dealer’s Den.

The list of confirmed Dealers will be announced by 8 March 2024.

Dealers’ Den ToS

In order to participate in the Dealer’s Den as an exhibitor, it is necessary to read the dedicated regulations. Click on the flag to download it in your preferred language.


NEW: the exhibition area for Furizon Overlord will be doubled compared to last year’s edition! More tables and more space!

The picture of the layout and number of tables is for illustrative purposes only.

Dealer’s Den FAQ

You just have to fill the request form. The form will be available until 29/02/2024 included. The Dealers’ Den Staff will ensure to contact you for organizational details.

In case there will be too many requests to join the Dealer’s Den, the Staff will make a selection based on the materials submitted in the application form, counting the originality and following the order of arrival of requests

Entries after the deadline will not be accepted.

Dealers with furry-fandom related products will be privileged in the selection.

Prohibited Merchandise:

  1. Everything violated by the italian law, included but not limited to: weapons, Drugs, Political of Religious propaganda, Pornographic materials related to Zoophilia and Pedophilia, Racist Content, Excessive violent content, that incites hate or representing every type of sexual cruelty and not;
  2. Sex toys, accessories and clothing connected to sexual fetishes;
  3. Objects made in real animal skins or animal parts, stuffed animals included. Leather object are allowed;
  4. Materials subjected to Copyright. Fan art can be displayed, but can only be sold from whom has been authorized by the owner of the Copyright.

The Staff reserves the right to remove from the Dealers table whatever objects deemed not appropriate. We invite you to inform preventively if you are unsure using while compiling the form on the right.

The Dealer’s Den After Dark is a special evening event where Dealers who choose to participate will have the opportunity to exhibit, in deviation from Furizon’s normal regulations, material commonly referred to as NSFW (Not Safe For Work) freely at their booths. The material may include, for example, leather goods, sex toys, fetish gear, and explicit artwork.

Participation in the Dealer’s Den After Dark is preferentially granted to all Dealers who already have a table in the exhibition area. If there is availability, occasional Dealers may also be admitted for the After Dark session only.

Despite the exception for the exhibition of NSFW material, other prohibitions outlined in the regulations, such as violent content or content conflicting with Italian law, remain in effect.

Further information can be requested from the manager of Furizon’s Dealer’s Den.

We advise all artists who require electricity to provide themselves with all useful accessories (power strips, adapters) as Furizon will only be able to guarantee one electrical outlet per artist. Please note that all electrical equipment must comply with the CE directive.

The availability of general purpose accessories such as a laminating machine cannot be guaranteed in advance.

Dangerous Tools

All artists who intend to use tools that may pose a danger, especially instruments with open flames or which may significantly increase the risk of fire if left unattended or misused, must indicate this on the application form. This will make security more aware of any additional risks.

The staff of the Dealer’s Den will however remain at the disposal of artists for any clarification.

Apply Form

To request a table at the Dealers’ Den, you must fill out the form below. The appropriate department will register the request and contact the applicant within a short time.

It will be possible to apply for the Dealer’s Den until 29 February 2024. Applications will be assessed in accordance with the regulations of the Dealer’s Den.

    Type of products

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