With the gradual increase of the number of event attendees, Furizon has adopted the use of the convention book as well. A kind of logbook in which all convention activities, artwork and general information are included. The Con Book is a tool used by all Furry Conventions to help the attendee to orient themselves and learn more about everything that is being managed and organized.

You can send us your artistic productions or advertise your event or convention.
Publication is intended for free and without commercial purposes. A copy of the Con Book will be given to each participant and will be printed in two languages (Italian and English).

How can I contribute?


Send us your drawing created especially for the event, we will be very happy to publish it along with all the event information. In this case we ask you to produce a drawing that is in line with the current event lore. Check out the event lore for some ideas.

(only other con/events)

We are always ready to collaborate with other events and conventions dwho organize events for furry fandom. Send your event banner so we can find a suitable place in the Con Book in relation to available spaces.

Upload form

Fill out the form below to submit your conbook materials, selecting “Artwork” if it is an event-themed drawing or “Advertising” if you are attaching your event or convention banner. Only SFW content will be accepted.

All artwork files, for proper layout, will need to meet certain technical specifications (recommended) :

  • Size: 216 x 303 millimiters or 2551 x 3578 pixels;
  • Resolution: 300dpi minimum;
  • Orientation: indifferent;
  • File format: JPG/JPEG at highest quality;
  • Image without background also accepted in PNG format to maintain transparency.

The deadline for uploading files is 31 March 2024.

All files must use an external file sharing service to avoid system upload blocks or email inbox saturation. Some examples of services include Google Drive or TransferNow.