Registration will open on Saturday 13 January 2024 at 12:00 CET.

Attending to Furizon Overlord

Furizon Overlord will take place from Tuesday 4 June 2024 to Saturday 8 June 2024, at the Park Hotel Sacro Cuore in Cavalese (TN).

Unlike past editions, starting with Furizon Overlord the price of the convention will be disjointed from the price of the hotel, as there is a choice between two different solutions (main and overflow).

Standard convention ticket

The standard convention ticket varies according to the registering period:

  • Early Bird – until January 31, 2024 – 80.00€
  • Regular – from February 2024 to May 2024 – 90.00€

A fee for the annual Furizon membership card, valid from October 2023 to September 2024, must be added to the base ticket at a cost of 10,00€. Those who participated in Furizon River Side 2023 already have a valid membership card!

Hotel fee

The hotel fee is mandatory for all convention participants (except for daily tickets) and varies based on the desired hotel (Park Hotel Sacro Cuore or Hotel San Valier). Both hotels will provide bed and breakfast services. Convention activities and services will be available exclusively at the Park Hotel Sacro Cuore. This year the hotel treatment will be bed & breakfast. The two hotels offer different services; refer to the dedicated page to discover the differences!
The prices are per person and include taxes.

Park Hotel Sacro Cuore
(main hotel)
Hotel San Valier
(overflow hotel)
Convention days – 4 nights 200 EUR 220 EUR
Early Arrival or Late Departure +55 EUR/per night +55 EUR/per night


In addition to the standard ticket (mandatory), you can make the following upgrades to enhance your Furizon experience, with the following supplements:

  • “SPONSOR ticket”, which includes the event gadgets, the t-shirt, a special mention in the conbook and a colour distinct from the other participants (+45EUR);
  • SUPERSPONSOR TICKET, which includes SPONSOR privileges and adds exclusive benefits to your stay at Furizon (+75EUR)

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Do you want to enrich your Furizon experience with something unique and exclusive? Find out what the super-sponsor ticket includes!

STANDARD ticket includes…

  1. Hotel overnight stay and breakfast service from 4 June 2024 to 8 June 2024;
  2. Access to the convention and activities/panels offered by Furizon (except those explicitly reserved);
  3. Use of the fursuit lounge, if in possession of a fursuit, and to all the services dedicated to fursuiters;
  4. Access to disco nights organized by Furizon;
  5. Accident insurance during the event (provided by the annual membership card).

Detail of ticket types

+45 EUR
+75 EUR
Hotel overnight stay and bed&breakfast treatment
for all convention's days
Image Image Image
Access to the convention and activity/panels offered by Furizon
(except those explicitly reserved)
Image Image Image
Use of the fursuit lounge and all the services dedicated to fursuiters Image Image Image
Access to disco nights organized by Furizon Image Image Image
Accident insurance during the event (provided by the annual membership card) Image Image Image
Event T-Shirt +15EUR Image Image
Dedicated badge and lanyard Image Image Image
Special mention in the conbook Image Image Image
Event gadget Image Image Image
Free welcome drink at Furizon's Bar Image Image Image
Special supersponsor exclusive gadget Image Image Image
Access to one exclusive themed aperitif whit local products Image Image Image
Special price and priority booking for the main hotel SPA Image Image Image
Exclusive Supersponsor photoshooting Image Image Image
Cut-the-line pass (priority access) to all events/panels that include it Image Image Image
Priority access to the Dealer's Den before the official opening Image Image Image