Dealers’ Den

The Dealers’ Den is the place to go if you are looking to browse and buy furry merchandise, goods and commissions.  Our artists and dealers are looking forward to welcome you and present all their unique and diverse products.

How to apply

If you wish to apply for a spot in the Dealers’ Den, please fill in the application form which will be available below. Spots in the Dealers’ Den are given out on a juried application basis.
Please read the dedicated rules/ToS, which contain all the useful information you may need (admission, restrictions, permitted items, etc.).

Please notice that…

  • Dealer’s Den tables are free;
  • Tables are 120 x 80 cm;
  • Each dealer is awarded one table;
  • Due to the limited space it is not possible to request additional tables.


It will be possible to apply for the Dealer’s Den until 11 February 2023. Applications will be assessed in accordance with the regulations of the Dealer’s Den.

The list of confirmed Dealers will be announced by 19 February 2023.

Dealers’ Den ToS

In order to participate in the Dealer’s Den as an exhibitor, it is necessary to read the dedicated regulations. Click on the flag to download it in your preferred language.


Dealers @ Furizon Beyond

Following is the list of dealers you can find at Furizon Beyond.

Delta Wagoon
Fur Your Spirit
Halfblood Creatures
Mørkulfr Misanthrö
Random Rituals
Solus Zelt
Wolf & dragon creations