Frequently Asked Questions
about Furizon Beyond

This page will collect the main questions and answers concerning the Furizon Beyond event.
The staff remains at your disposal for any questions not covered by this list.

The FAQ is constantly being updated, we recommend that you visit this page often until this notice is removed!


Arriving by car

We advise participants arriving by car to plan their route through Google Maps or an equivalent service.

Arriving by air

The nearest airport is Verona ‘Valerio Catullo’ (VRN).
From the airport it is possible to travel by train (Trenitalia) or autobus (FlixBus) to Trento.
TheTrento’s train station is connected to Cavalese by bus 140 of the Trentino Trasporti service.

Arriving by train

The nearest railway station is Egna-Ora, served by the Trentino regional train network (Trenitalia). The train station is connected to Cavalese by bus 140 of the Trentino Trasporti service.

There will be no shuttle service operated by Furizon.

If you need help to organize your travel, please click here.

The event will take place from Tuesday 30 May 2023 to Saturday 3 June 2023.

Indicatively, check-in will be at 16:00 and check-out at 11:00.

If you purchased Early Arrival, you will have the opportunity to check-in at the hotel from Monday 29 May 2023.
If you purchased Late Departure, you will have the opportunity to check-out on Sunday 4 June 2023.

The basic ticket price is 250.00 euro, plus a 10.00 euro annual membership card, making a total of 260.00 euro.
Please note that the fee also includes the hotel and meals (half board)!

The sponsor upgrade is EUR 45.00, while the supersponsor upgrade is EUR 148.00.
Furizon’s 2022/2023 annual membership card is mandatory. Those who have already participated in a Furizon event as of October 2022 (such as Furizon River Side) will not have to pay it again!

For details of the relevant benefits, please visit the dedicated page.

A shuttle bus will not be available for this event, at the moment.
Until otherwise notified, each participant will have to arrive at the venue independently.

The Furizon staff, at the request of participants who may express the need, may activate a “steward” service to facilitate the transfer of participants from the main logistical points (airports/railway stations) to the convention and vice versa.
The steward’s activity is limited to organising transport (trying to combine a ride with other participants or suggesting the best routes to take for those who do not have a car) and is not responsible for the transport itself, which remains the responsibility of the participant. Furizon cannot be held responsible for changes in travel itineraries or failure to organise transfers.

If you need help with your travel, send a message to Furizon from the contact form, choosing ‘ConOps’ as the department.

No, pets are not allowed in the hotel’s rooms, sorry!

All participants must be at least 18 years of age on the first day of the event, otherwise they will be excluded from participation.
Any false statements concerning one’s age will be prosecuted with appropriate disciplinary measures.

Each fee includes:

  1. Access to the convention Furizon Beyond;
  2. Access to the hotel and use of private parking;
  3. Overnight stay at the hotel for four nights;
  4. Breakfasts and dinners for the convention days;
  5. Access to panels and other event in the Main Stage;
  6. Use of the outdoor spaces and the wide garden area around the hotel;
  7. Use of the Fursuit Lounge equipped for suiters.

To the fee must be added the mandatory 2022/2023 Furizon annual membership card, for those who do not have it yet, worth EUR 10.00.

For everything not specified above and for activities considered as extras, such as

  • excursions;
  • meals outside the facility;

it will be the responsibility of the individual participant to provide for the individual expenses.

On location will be the hotel bar and Furizon bar.
The hotel bar is not affiliated with Furizon, you pay full price list, and drinks are not included in the participation fee.
The Furizon bar, which is managed by our staff and operates during scheduled hours, is available to event participants offering soft drinks, beer and cocktails at a discounted price.

There will be the possibility of participating in Furizon with a one-day ticket at a cost of EUR 45 per day. It can be purchased directly at the reception of Furizon.
The ticket does not include the obligatory Furizon membership card, which costs 10 euro.

The cost of the day ticket includes access to all areas of the convention reserved for participants, access to organised activities, use of the fursuit lounge and services provided for participants.

Excluded are all meals, which can be purchased separately according to the special price list available at the reception desk.
It is strictly forbidden to stay overnight in the venue.

  • Last day for uploading badge photos: 30 April 2023
  • Last day to upgrade sponsor/supersponsor with dedicated gadget: 30 April 2023
  • Last day to upgrade Early Arrival or Late Departure: 14 May 2023
  • Last day for room selection: 20 May 2023

Venue details

The Park Hotel Sacro Cuore is a managed hotel in the heart of Cavalese, surrounded by a large green garden that is exclusively owned by the hotel.
The hotel staff will take care of meals, tidying up the rooms and for all requests concerning the hotel room (e.g. an extra blanket!).
All rooms have an internal, private bathroom.

The hotel does not provide room service.
Rooms are not equipped with a minibar or internal fridge.

All participants have breakfast and dinner on all days of the convention.
Super-sponsors also got lunch in their fee.
Standard participants and Sponsors, who wish to have access to lunch, must notify the Furizon reception desk by 11 a.m. on a daily basis, paying a supplement which will be displayed on site.
Variations are provided for vegetarians/vegans and gluten intolerant guests.

Unused meals (of any kind) are not subject to refund.

No, only water is included at meals (lunch and dinner).
All extra drinks taken at the table during meals or at the hotel bar are to be paid immediately or charged to the room and settled at checkout.

The hotel bar does not accept Furizon credit (barcard) for drinks!

[Come to the Furizon bar, it is cheaper and you will definitely be better off! 😉 ]

Yes, the hotel has a wellness centre for the complete and exclusive use of Furizon.
The wellness centre will be open at set times, which can be found in the event programme. Entrance for participants will be staggered over several bookable time slots to ensure relaxation and comfort for all.
Supersponsors will have a 30% discount and the opportunity to register a day before, subject to reservation at the reception desk.
Other participants will be able to book on the day itself, subject to availability and payment of the entrance fee, which will be displayed at the Furizon reception desk.

Access to the wellness centre requires the use of a towel (provided by Furizon, which must be returned), a swimming costume (nudism is not permitted inside) and rubber slippers for maximum hygiene.

Supersponsor discount is not transferable.

Schedule, panels and activities

It will be published on this page (as soon as it is ready) and on the event conbook.
The schedule may be subject to changes due to organisational requirements, which will be promptly communicated through the Association’s official Telegram channel.

Some events in the schedule are reserved exclusively for supersponsors, to enhance their ticket type. They are specially recognizable on the schedule.
Supersponsors also have priority access to the Dealer’s Den!

Yes! But…

This section is still under construction. If you want to organise a panel or an activity, come back soon!